Wordpress Designer Career

Why a WordPress Designer Job is Still a Legitimate Career Path

My experiences working as a WordPress designer aren’t necessarily unique or even that interesting to be honest with you, but I still feel that they could provide some valuable information for those who want to make a living as someone who works with WordPress on a regular basis.

Designing websites was always something that deeply interested me, but it wasn’t until three years into my web designer career that I started to give most of my attention to WordPress. That was around the time when they really started to dominate the internet.

While this dominance somewhat slowed down over the years, around 25% of all websites are still run by this particular CMS.I figured that the more opportunities I had, the merrier my situation could become, and this is exactly what happened. Granted, to find my best opportunity, I also needed the help of http://www.spherelondon.co.uk/jobs, but the opportunities were there and they were there because by that time I already knew what many others do, which is the undeniable fact that WordPress still got it.

It is not necessarily the best CMS from a web designer’s standpoint, but it is the platform that most companies prefer mainly because by using it they can understand various (if not all) aspects of the process, which is just not something you can tell about other content management systems. WordPress consistently manages to earn the trust of their customers and for good reasons.

You can handle WordPress? Here is a cookie for you

Yes, it’s true; saying that you are an expert in WordPress is not necessarily an impressive thing to proclaim these days. It seems like everybody is an expert of it, yet the job opportunities are still there. But what can you really do with extended WordPress knowledge these days? As it turns out, quite a lot of things.You can work as a web development and design freelancer or you can get a job as a developer or content creator.


You can join WordPress’ very own team

Wordpress Designer JobsProvided that you really know your stuff and you are a hard worker, all these options are quite viable solutions and for different reasons.

If you really are interested in this platform, chances are that at WordcampChina you will find a lot of valuable tips that will help you taking your WordPress career to the next level. But what are those options could be? Let’s take a look at them in a more detailed manner.

Web development and design

If you want to work as a WordPress designer and web developer (as a freelancer), you will be swimming in opportunities. You can find a lot options at http://www.indeed.co.uk/Wordpress-Designer-jobs, but also at Craigslist or Linkedln. The truth is that making it as a freelancer is infinitely easier today than it was even five years ago, never mind in the early 2000’s.

Companies figured out that there are a lot of smart people out there who learned the way of the internet and web design, and they are more and willing to hire these people regardless of the fact if they work for a bigger entity or freelancing their way through college.What matters is the end result, and these days you can showcase your talents easier than ever before.

To start your freelancing career, all you need is to have a tax number and some filled out business registration papers, and you are good to go. As a freelancer, you can work on a specific niche or be a jack of all trades type of developer, chances are that you will have plenty of opportunity regardless of which road you take. WordPress is currently paying homage to their past dominant run, sweeping up the competition with little to no effort. Their updates are spot on and they are just really savvy when it comes to reinventing themselves.

WordPress Developer and Content Creator You can find excellent developer and content creator opportunities at http://jobs.wordpress.net/. They are always looking for talented men and women who can make a difference on this platform. To tell you the truth, however, if you get a WordPress developer job at one of the bigger online companies (sport sites, news portals, etc.), understanding this particular CMS will only be a part of what they’ll expect from you. When you get a job at that level, you really need to have a web developer mindset and skill set as well, not just WordPress developer knowledge.

The two things are not necessarily the same. They interlope of course, but aren’t really the same thing. If you want to build your future career on doing WordPress and WordPress only, there is a very good chance that you will be better off as a freelancer. You will not only get more opportunities that way, but those opportunities will be closer to your wheelhouse. If you want to make it with a bigger company, you will need to expand your knowledge and involve other CMS’s, and you will also need a deeper understanding of the WordPress platform itself.

Joining WordPress

Don’t forget that WordPress is not just a content management system, but they also have a company behind their creation. The name of this company is Automattic and they are always interested in finding quality talent. Granted, in order to work for them you have to be pretty well-versed in not just WordPress itself but basically all aspects of web development, but if you feel like you possess the kind of knowledge this gig requires, the opportunity is there for you. The one thing they need even more than knowledge and experience, is unique ideas.

The two things (experience and good ideas) often go hand in hand with each other, but it’s not a prerequisite. You can have excellent ideas without possessing significant web developer knowledge but it obviously does not hurt to be good at both things.