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4 Best Video Production WordPress Websites

A video production company, like any other businesses, need to have an online presence, which makes having a website vital. With a website, you can be able to target potential customers, attract lots of traffic, and convert the leads generated from this traffic.

However, if you are looking to grow your business into a recognized brand, a standard website will not cut it. This is because your website will be the first thing potential customers see about your brand.

Therefore, most of them will judge the reliability of your business and the quality of your work based on your website. As a result, you need to have a good website in order to wow and engage your prospects. In this post, we are going to look at some of the top features in a video production company website, as well as video production agencies that have perfected their websites for maximum engagement of their potential customers.

Top elements of a video production company website

There are several design elements that any good website should have. However, when it comes to a video production company WordPress website, there are some important elements that must be there for it to stand out. These include:

1. Eye-catching graphics

As a business working in the film industry, your job is to create eye-catching content that will help your clients capture the attention of their audiences. In order for these clients to trust you, you must show them you are capable of doing that, by capturing their attention when they visit your website. Therefore, your website should feature a great design theme with eye-catching graphics and images.

2. Video support features

Before clients can hire you, they need to see that you can create high-quality content that meets their needs. The best way to show them this is by posting videos of your work on your website. This means having to use more video content that most average websites. Therefore, your website must be capable of handling these videos perfectly, without compromising functionality and user experience.

You should thus look for a website theme with great video support features, for example, video players, video background templates, and video plugins. You can find such themes at places like ThemeForest where there are lots of themes designed for video production companies https://themeforest.net/category/wordpress?term=video%20production.

3. Demo layouts and portfolio templates

Aside from posting video content on your site, it is also a great idea to include demo videos and past projects. Your website should thus feature demo layouts and portfolio templates that will allow you to easily import and publish these videos on your site.

Best Video Production Company websites

Below is a look at some of the top 5 video production companies with the best WordPress websites.

1. Tech TV

Tech TV Homepage
Tech TV https://www.tech-tv.co.uk is a video production company that is based in the UK. It specializes in creating a wide variety of videos, from corporate videos to employee videos, social media videos, and others. The company has a great website, which features a blue color scheme that contrasts nicely with grey colors and white space to produce an amazing visual effect.

However, the most captivating feature is the video backgrounds, especially on the home page. Even without looking at demo videos, you can already tell that the company has the ability to create high-quality videos for your business. However, to give you an insight into various videos they can make for you, the website has a great and easy-to-use demo reel. The reel is comprised of sliders with various types of videos. To view a demo, you just need to scroll to the one you want and click and the video pops up. Closing the video is easy as just clicking on another space (outside of the video player).

2. VeracityColab

VeracityColab homepage
Veracity Colab https://www.veracitycolab.com/ is a video production agency based in California, USA. It specializes in creating brand videos that help to engage and persuade the target audiences. The company uses WordPress for online visibility, and to showcase to potential customers their video production abilities.

The website makes use of a minimalist design layout with a small menu bar (only 6 menu items) and small footer. There is also the use of a lot of white space in the web pages. However, the site also features eye-catching visual elements, which help to capture the attention of users. These elements include a full-screen size image banner on the homepage, featuring the company’s staff with various videography equipment in a production set.

The site also features several video templates with demo and past project videos. The colorful graphics of the video thumbnails contrasts nicely with the whitespace, allowing them to be instantly noticeable. Aside from the video templates, the site also has a portfolio page with several demos and video projects that you can watch to get an insight into the company’s production ability.


LAI Video Homepage
LAI Video https://www.laivideo.com/ is a digital communications agency that focuses on creating video campaigns for brands and organizations. Like any good video production company, it has a website where users can interact with the company, look at the services they offer, and get an insight into the type of videos it creates.

The website features a video background on the homepage. The background video is not completely clear due to the text overlays, but it is visible enough to show you what the company is capable of. The rest of the pages also feature background image burners at the top of the page.

When it comes to the design style, the company favors a minimalist design with a lot of whitespaces. This helps to create a great contrast that makes the other visual elements pop out while keeping the visual elements at a minimum to prevent distraction.

There is a lot of video content used on the website, mostly on the home page where there are several video templates. The site also has a portfolio page with a collection of various projects the company has completed.

4. The DVI Group

The DVI Group Website homepage
The DVI Group https://www.thedvigroup.com is a video production agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. It specializes in creating marketing videos, employee videos, communications videos, and educational videos. The company uses a website with a minimalist design style, which is comprised of a lot of white space and contrasting black font colors that are easily legible.

The home page features a video banner, but instead of an auto-play video, it comes with a start button, which auto-pops a media player when you click it. Other visual elements used on the website to captivate the users’ attention include background videos (on the homepage footer section) background images, animation, dynamic images, and graphics. The site also features a portfolio page with a collection of several videos. The templates for these videos have eye-catching thumbnails that improve the visual appeal. They are also designed with a hover effect, which displays information about the video as well as a “watch” link.

Looking to create a website for your video production company? The above are some of the design elements to consider as well as some of the top 5 video production companies with WordPress websites that wow their audience. Their designers sure have done a great job on the visuals that would be expected from markets that hold graphics and functionality to be key in attracting new customers and building their brand. Seen any better ones? Let us know.