Re-usable SpaceX rocket

The Best Designed Space Websites to Keep an Eye on

The space industry is becoming more competitive each day, with space companies fighting to outdo each other in a rush to be the first in achieving major milestones in space. Due to this intense competition, space companies have come up with creative techniques of promoting themselves and gaining an edge over the competitors.

In the current digital age, one of the most popular techniques being used by top space brands is online promotion, where they use space websites to display the products and services they offer, as well as the latest space projects they are involved in. Below is look at some of the best space websites you will come across on the internet.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic is one of the top space companies in the U.S as well as the rest of the world. The company specializes in spaceflights, and it aims to build spacecraft that can offer human spaceflight services to space. It has one of the best space websites, which is designed in an appealing, blue, space-like theme. It is highly functional, and is designed to offer optimum user experience across all devices. It also features a lot of information about the company, as well as the space industry.


Re-usable SpaceX rocket

SpaceX recycling a rocket booster

SpaceX is another top space company, which has been creating a buzz in the industry with its space activities. The company designs rockets that are used to launch payloads into space, and it has already made history by becoming the first space organization to re-use a booster rocket during launch.

However, SpaceX’s success is not just from its cutting-edge rocket technology; the company has a great space website, which they use to promote the SpaceX brand. Featuring an attractive and minimalist design, the site has a great look and feel, which makes you want to stay on it for longer.

Blue Origin

Blue Origin space tourism capsuleBlue Origin is another top space company, which specializes in spaceflight services and the manufacture of spacecraft. Blue Origin is one of the space companies that use a website to promote their brand across the world.

The website has a beautiful design, featuring a great use of white space that matches perfectly with the flashy, bright blue color used throughout the website. The blue color scheme is also synonymous the amazing logo of the company.

The website also features several high-quality blue graphics, which adds to the appeal of the design. Blue Origin has one of the most attractive space websites.

Martin Wilson

Martin Wilson Space Marketing is the website for one of a leading space marketing specialists. He helps to market space companies by offering them web design services, SEO services, logo & brand design services, internet marketing, space industry advice, among other things.

He has one of the most unique space websites – a WordPress-designed site that features a dark background and bright white & yellow text fonts. The website also features great content, with a blog that features NASA Marketing techniques and interesting information about the space industry and some of the top space brands.