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Our 5 Favourite Campervan WordPress Websites

Are you planning a vacation to Europe? If so, there are several means you can use to explore your favourite destinations. However, hiring a campervan will afford you the freedom you need to visit all the stops on your itinerary, as well as other destinations you might want to add.

There are several campervan rental companies that operate throughout Europe. The best place to find the best companies is through the internet, where nearly every other company has an online presence in the form of a website. However, the quality of a company’s website will tell you a lot about it, and in this article, we are looking at the top campervan companies in the UK that have got their WordPress websites right. Below is a look at them:

1. Siesta Campers

Siesta Campers' Website Homepage
Siesta Campers is a VW campervan company operating in Portugal. The company started by restoring vintage VW campervans and then hiring them out to tourists looking to explore Portugal. However, the company also offers new campervans for tourists looking for something new and shiny.

Siesta Campers has an online presence through their website, where customers can view the available campers and book one for their planned trip. The website boasts of a beautiful design, with the home page featuring a hero banner comprised of images of the vintage campervans the company offers. A compelling call-to-action is placed on the hero image banner section, where it is easily visible even with the images in the background.

The website favours a minimalist design, with an uncrowded header section where 8 menu items and a language selection button are placed. The rest of the pages features a lot of white space, which contrasts nicely with the black font text to create conspicuous and easily legible content. The site also makes use of several images and graphics, with most of them being of campervans various beautiful landscapes.

2. VWT 

VWT Website's Homepage
VWT is a campervan conversion company that is based in the southern region of England. The company specializes in converting and selling VW campervan to holidaymakers and other customers looking to own a motor home. VWT targets its customers and potential customers through its website, where they can browse through the site to find the available campervans on stock, or learn more about campervan conversions.

The design of the website is unique, with a dark background that contrasts perfectly with the white font colour and a blue colour scheme to create a very captivating layout. The home page of the website features a hero image banner, with a very captivating video of campervans on the road, as well as campervan conversion in process. The video is accompanied by only text images that create a very compelling promotional message.

The website also features several images, which range from general campervan features, general campervan images, and close-up exterior and interior images of the RVs. There is also a gallery section where you can browse to view several of the features that the company includes in their campervan conversions.

3. Vanworx

Vanworx's Website Home Page
Vanworx is a VW Transport company that is based in the UK, which specialises in custom building and converting campervans. The company also builds parts for campervans, as well as offering maintenance conversion services for campervan owners.

Vanworx has a huge online presence, which allows its customers (and potential customers) to connect with the brand. The main online platform is its website, which is one of the top campervan WordPress websites. The home page features a hero image section, which displays a video of the company in a loop, including scenes of campervan conversions and parts building.

The rest of the website features minimalist-style web design, with a lot of white space use that contrasts nicely with black coloured text content. The website also features great use of colours, with a touch of light green colour used across the website (on the logo section, footer, and buttons), which adds to its great visual appeal.

Vanworx also makes use high-quality images on its website, with most of the image being those of campervans – full van images, interiors, exteriors, and parts. These images add to the already captivating visual appeal, making the website even more attractive and compelling.

4. Camplify

Camplify's Website Homepage
Camplify is a campervan hire company operating in Australia. It is an Airbnb-like company that connects campervan owners and holidaymakers looking to hire motor homes. Camplify has a huge online presence, with several social media accounts and online profiles. The company’s centre of its online presence is, however, its website.

The website is beautifully designed, and one of the first things you will notice when you land on the home page is the attractive green and blue colour scheme – which is used across the website. The homepage also features a hero image banner section, with an image of a campervan in the background, and a strong, compelling call to action on the foreground.

The web pages are uncrowded, with minimal space for just important menu items, and good use of white space that contrasts nicely with black text and the green and blue colour scheme to create a very pleasing visual imagery. There are also several images and videos that are used across the website, which improve the visual appeal and the quality of the content.

5. Sherwood Campers

Sherwood Campervan Website home page
Sherwood Campers is a family owned campervan conversions company that is based in Nottinghamshire, UK. The company specialize in converting VW T5 and T6 campervans, by installing a range of features such as elevating roofs, heating systems, campervan windows, seats and beds, awnings and rails, and other features.

Sherwood Campers has a visible online presence through their website, where people looking to buy (or find out more about) campervans can interact with the company. The website is another one of the top campervan WordPress sites, with a minimal design layout that features an uncrowded header section, good use of white space with contrasting black coloured fonts, and the use of a matching blue colour scheme.

For the homepage, the company features a hero image banner with a single high-quality image of a campervan and the text only “CAMPERVAN CONVERSIONS”. The visual appeal of the website is improved by the use of other high-quality images throughout the site. These images range from full campervan pictures to close-ups of van interiors and features.


The above 5 companies have some of the best campervan WordPress websites visible on the web. Whether you are looking to buy or hire a motor home, browse available campervans, or simply learn more about RV homes, these websites that are guaranteed to offer you a great user experience, which will make your stay as you are browsing through more enjoyable. Hats off to the designers and writers that put these sites together – reading them has been a truly enjoyable experience for camper fans around the globe.