Best Wordpress Themes

The best one page wordpress theme designs for 2016

Some of the best Single page WordPress themes for 2016:

Single page WordPress themes are the order of the day. You can see some of the best single page WordPress themes on, and in the wordpress theme repository, and at work on sites such as

This is a space research-marketing website, for example, has limited information to display. Therefor a one page WordPress theme works a treat – and a one page theme could work for you too. Below we look at five of the best one-page WordPress themes for 2016.

Parallax One

‘Parallax One’ is a very simple as well as an elegant one-page WordPress theme. You can use it for any purpose. The main advantage of this theme is that it is very simple to use. In addition, it comes with a beautiful design as well. You can easily put your content in the theme. As the name suggests, you can have a classic parallax effect with this theme. The theme comes with a shop section and provides a smooth scrolling option. In its entirety, it conveys a modern appearance. You can find this WordPress theme to be a highly customizable one. Some of its important features are as follows.- Highly responsive

  • Effects of parallax
  • Customized logo, menu as well as icons
  • Multiple color schemes
  • Integration with Google Maps

Zerif Lite

This is an interactive one-page WordPress theme. One of the most popular themes today, this theme comes with a full-width image as well as a simple white menu bar. Usually you find a web page with lot of colors. However, this WordPress theme has black and white as its main colors. You have an option of switching to colors too. The theme comes in shades of green, yellow, and red. There are about seven menu categories. You can display them directly on the screen without having to slide through. You can just click on them and the cursor will go and halt at the correct spot. Overall, this is a cute and elegant design. Its features include the following.- It has a clean, validated code.

  • The theme options panel and responsive design is superb
  • You can have localization as well as contact functionality


One:This is the perfect WordPress theme for small businesses and startups. This is very elegant and friendly to use. Though simple, it has a professional touch to it. The parallax scrolling makes it a delight to use. It adds smoothness and elegance to the entire scene. The fonts are full of color and the buttons look fresh. Some of its features are as follows.- The parallax scrolling ensures a responsive design.

  • The one-page design has social links too
  • You can make use of the customizable ribbon
  • You can use it for translation purposes too


The beautiful color design makes it a treat to watch. The elegant interface makes it easy to use for the new business entities and agencies. The parallax scrolling provides a sophisticated look. The icons are beautiful and convey a clean appearance. Its features include the following.- The parallax effect packs a responsive design.

  • The blog layout and the social icons give it a minimalist look
  • The one-page template has a multipurpose design

Pixova Lite

You can use the clean as well as professional one-page theme for various purposes. The theme has a full-width header and comes with a smooth parallax scrolling. It has provisions for a portfolio and online store too. The main features are as follows:

  • The WooCommerce integration ensures a responsive design
  • You can use the unlimited header images and pie charts
  • It is SEO and translation ready

What gives a wordpress theme value

You may have the best products in the world. You may have the best personnel to sell the product. However, if your marketing efforts are poor, you will end up somewhere at the bottom of the heap. Hence, marketing is a very important aspect of a successful business enterprise. You may not find a better way to describe your company and product other than through your web page. Hence, it becomes imperative to have a great looking web page.

You can design a web page in many ways. One of the easiest ways is through a 1-page WordPress theme. You can say a lot in a single page WordPress theme than you can do so in endless pages of junk material. Single page themes may not provide you a lot of information. However, you will be able to pack the maximum relevant information in a single page. You can weed out the unnecessary content from the website and make it look compact and neat.

Advantages of a single page web theme:

There are many advantages of a single page theme. We shall see some of them.

  • Compactness: As you have to provide maximum information in a single page, you will tend to delete the unnecessary content. This can make you focus on your strengths more than worrying about your weaknesses.
  • Easy to handle – You do not have to worry about multiple information and multiple pages. Everything is there on a single page. Hence, it is easier for you to handle a single web page rather than many.
  • Mobile friendly: It is easier to convert a single page website into a mobile friendly one. Nowadays, people use their mobiles more than their computers and laptops. You will be able to reach a larger segment of people through the mobile advertising.
  • SEO friendly: You will be concentrating on quality instead of quantity in a single page website. Hence, you will be able to arrive at the most SEO friendly keywords. This can have a positive effect on your advertising campaigns.
  • Less Expensive: Usually the single page WordPress campaigns are free. Thus, you will be saving a lot in the bargain as well.


One-page WordPress themes are very popular today. You should have one for your websites even if you have a regular web page because you don’t have to stick to just one page, you can create blog sections and other pages – it’s just that the one-page layouts allow you to squeeze heaps of content onto the first page.