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Top 5 Best Designed Fashion E-Commerce Websites for 2018

In this day and age, any fashion store that is not selling their products online is missing out on a lot of money. This is a fact that many outlets have realized, which is why you will find a lot of them selling their products online. Unfortunately, this means that there is a lot of competition in the e-commerce fashion industry. As such, any store that wishes to gain an edge over the competitors must go an extra length.

There are several tactics that an online fashion store can use to gain a competitive edge. However, one that has proven to be quite effective is the use of graphics. With good, high-quality graphics, an e-commerce outlet can be able to attract the attention of potential customers, and create a connection with them that will make it easy to convert them. Quality graphics also help to create a great visual imagery, which the potential consumers can identify with. This increases the chances of the potential customers making a purchase, and coming back again.

There are several online fashion stores that have realized the immense benefits graphics design has. However, a few of these stores stand out due to the high-quality graphics they use. Below is a look at the top 5 best designed fashion e-commerce websites:

1. Podenco Eivissa

Podenco Eivissa is a top online fashion store that focuses on selling Ibiza fashion items. Their products include men’s swim shorts, T-shirts, swimwear, accessories, toweling shirts, linen shirts, printed shirts, and pups, items that are a must-have if you are planning a vacation to tropical destinations such as Ibiza.

Podenco Eivissa is one of the top online stores in 2018 that have mastered the art of graphic designs. The website features beautiful high-quality graphics, which are comprised of the live-modeled items they sell. These images are captured in various settings, for example, on a beach, in a swimming pool, outdoors, and other places, where the potential consumer is likely to identify with. The use of abundant white space allows the graphics to shine out, thus easily capturing and maintaining the attention of the web visitors.

In addition to the graphics, the outlet has also invested heavily in a Lookbook, where you will find even more captivating live modeled images of their clothing items. The product section of the store also features high-quality, professional product photos, which showcase every detail of each product.

You can experience these amazing graphics by checking out the store’s site at https://podencoeivissa.com. If you like their products, be sure to order a few items for your next vacation.

2. Nasty Gal

Nasty Gal is an online outlet that focuses on selling clothes, shoes, and fashion accessories for women. It is another e-commerce store that has realized the immense benefits offered by quality graphic design.
The store’s e-commerce website features high-quality images of models wearing clothes and other fashion items it sells. The website also features plenty of white space, which helps to draw the web user’s attention to these images.

Nasty GalWhen you head over to the product pages, you will also find high-quality, professional shots of each product. The store prefers the use of models, which is an amazing technique as it helps to show the potential customer how each item would look like on them. On top of that, they have published several images for each product, thus helping to highlight all the details of each item on offer. As a result, before you even place an order for a certain item, you will pretty much have an idea of what it looks and whether or not it will make you stand out when you wear it.

3. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is an e-commerce store that specializes in selling clothing, shoes, beauty products, fashion accessories, plus other items such as music & tech products, and apartment items for younger (urban) generations.

Urban Outfitter has one of the most visually attractive e-commerce fashion websites. The site features bright, attractive red color scheme, which matches perfectly with the high-quality modeled images of the store’s fashion items. The use of white space helps to focus the user’s attention to these images. As such, it is able to capture the attention of users the minute they land on the landing pages and easily engage with them.

Urban OutfittersJust like several other online fashion stores, Urban Outfitters has invested heavily in product photography. The product pages have several high-quality and detailed images, which help to provide the potential customer with as much information about the products offered as possible, thus increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

4. Aurobelle

Aurobelle is an e-commerce store that specializes in women’s fashion items. Launched by Jane Naeke, who lives in Ibiza, Spain, it is one of the leading Ibiza fashion online retail stores.

The website is designed using high-quality graphics, which includes amazing outdoor landscape photos and live modeled clothing and fashion accessory items offered by the store. The images are captured in settings that users are more likely to identify with, which helps to increase the connection with the brand, thus making it easy to convert them (into making a purchase).

Product photography is another area where Aurobelle excels. There are high-quality professional images of each item sold at the store, which is either live modeled or shot on a mannequin. Aside from the product photos, the store has a catalog, where you can find high-quality and more detailed images of all the items on offer, and a lookbook that features various collections of the store.

5. Osloh

Osloh is a Brooklyn-based online fashion store that offers casual jeans for cyclists. What makes Osloh’s e-commerce store unique is the fact that it is not flashy. Instead, the website uses a black and red (minimal) color scheme, which is visually appealing, but not too much as to steal the attention away from everything else on the site. Indeed, this color scheme is a great idea as it allows the high-quality graphics (which features the store’s jeans) to capture the attention of the visitors.

Osloh’s e-commerce site also features high-quality product photos, all of which are modeled. The great thing about these product photos is that the focus is on the products (the jeans) instead of the models. Therefore, the attention of the potential customers is never taken away from the products, which increases their likelihood of making a purchase.