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WordPress WC 2015 Interviews

Mendel Kurland is a GoDaddy Evangelist who invests his energy hanging out with designers, originators, business visionaries, and web masters the world over and verifying their conclusions and proposals are listened. Mendel is talking on Give away the homestead to get the farm, why you ought to instruct your customers how to carry out your occupation at WordCamp Minneapolis.

David Skarjune is lead specialist for Word & Image giving substance distributed to creators, craftsmen, distributers, and organizations with WordPress, and he’s a WordPress educator at Takoda Institute. Skarjune is speaking onContent Production for Bloggers, Writers, and Editors at WordCamp Minneapolis. Continue reading

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2 Quick WordPress Development Tips

Quick tips  form a wordpress experts with a background in design and adaptive layouts. Speaking from WordCamp San Diego.

What got you into working with WordPress?

In my freelancing early days, I had a few clients wanting to be able to update their table-based websites themselves (I know, right?). I was pretty much a Dreamweaver visual editor kind of “developer” back then, but found WordPress and read a few tutorials on how to build custom themes and have been hooked ever since!

What do you like best about WordPress?

Definitely the community and the amount of passion there is for it. It’s constantly growing as a platform and it can truly do almost anything. I once built a local jail’s intranet using a custom WP theme and plugin. From that end of the spectrum to “mommy blogs” to ecommerce sites, Continue reading